About Us

Established in 2015, Restore America Club is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 that focuses on opportunities to reduce the size and scope of government, lower taxes on hard-working Americans and protect our God given freedoms.  Our mission is to promote the reestablishment of a God-fearing, freedom-loving, liberty-respecting, Constitutional Republic.  In addition to promoting a government envisioned by our Founding Fathers, we work to physically restore historical landmarks that ensure the history of those who went before us will be remembered by those who are here after us!

We believe the future of America lies in the individual states and local governments and we work to promote the 9th and 10th Amendment rights of the states, coordination by local governments and self-governance.   We believe the most effective solutions are consistent with the ideas and principles of our Founding Fathers.  Our vision is the reestablishment of a Constitutional Republic where freedom, liberty, opportunity, and prosperity thrive.

Restore America Club was founded by:

Graham Hunt – Business and Financial Services

Elizabeth Scott – K-12 Education and Higher Ed

Jesse Young – Technology and Innovation

David Taylor – Property Rights and 4th Amendment

Matt Shea – Constitution and States Rights