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Restore America Club – 501(c)3

Our beloved America is at a dangerous crossroads. Will we choose liberty or the tyranny of the government plantation disguised as 'safety'? Liberty requires the hard work of individual responsibility, strong families, and a conviction that our rights come from our Creator, not from our fellow man or government. You are needed on the front lines.

Restore America Club is a place for education, inspiration, and action.

Founded by five state legislators, RAC works to restore liberty through action in the halls of government, our neighborhoods, and our own families. Here you'll find successful legislation, effective training, and specific tasks so you can make a difference in strengthening America each day. Join us. Together we are not just making a stand. We are pushing back to reclaim lost liberty and restore our Constitutional republic.

Purpose: Restore a God honoring Constitutional Republic. Mission: Galvanize support across the country for constitutional principles and candidates and prepare, educate, inform and mobilize God-fearing self-reliant, freedom-loving people for action.

1. Establish 100 Members in each County in the State of Washington.
2. Establish 1000 Members Statewide by January 2016.
3. Establish network of 20 friendly journalists.
4. Establish coalitions with like-minded organizations and list those as “friendly” on website.
5. Establish a database of resources and talking points for like-minded patriots.